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NSE Tracker v6.5.5.4 released

Fixed Issue: Indices were not get­ting update due to some change in NSE Server. This issue has been fixed. NSE Tracker was not work­ing when used behind proxy. This issue has been fixed now. BHAVCOPY for par­tic­u­lar date issue is fixed.

New Fixes:
From mid oct, data was not updat­ing in meta­s­tock as down­load of bhav copy was not work­ing due to some changes in NSE Site. It has been fixed.
Scrips was not updat­ing prop­erly in Data­Grid­View. It was blank. It has been fixed.
There is small fixes related to incor­rect data from NSE Site.
Indices were not updated. This issue has been fixed.

NOTE: I have launched this soft­ware after long time. When using for first time after instal­la­tion, it will take time to down­load data. Data will be down­loaded from Nov,2010 till date. So, please be patient and let NSE Tracker do its job. I am unable to pro­vide the com­plete details about the fixes due to lack of time. Cur­rently, NSE Tracker will down­load BHAVCOPY from BSE server too. But ASCII for these BHAVCOPY will not be gen­er­ated. I am work­ing on to it. Most prob­a­bly, in my next release, NSE Tracker will down­load BHAVCOPY from BSE Site too, and gen­er­ate the ASCII as well as Meta­s­tock binaries.

Lot of changes has been made from cod­ing per­spec­tive which may give rise to bugs. If you come across any bugs, kindly let me know. Thank you.

id=“attachment_359” align=“aligncenter” width=“1184” caption=“New GUI of NSE Tracker”

I have released new ver­sion of NSE Tracker. There is lot of mod­i­fi­ca­tion done from cod­ing perspective.

I would like to high­light few major enhance­ments done.

  • Now user can select up to 20 scrip’s at a given time.
  • Users might have noticed the slow­ness of NSE Tracker while it is exe­cut­ing some task.  Now all the major work is done using Thread­ing con­cept. User will not feel the hang­ing of NSE Tracker. When you use NSE Tracker to down­load data, all tasks being done by NSE Tracker cur­rently, is dis­played with proper infor­ma­tion. User will be made aware with all the use­ful infor­ma­tion. Here I have done lot of mod­i­fi­ca­tion from cod­ing point of view.
  • Many users have asked to give fea­ture like resiz­ing, max­i­mize, of NSE Tracker. I have redesigned the GUI por­tion of NSE Tracker. Now user can resize NSE Tracker the way they like.
  •  Because of imple­men­ta­tion of thread­ing con­cept, users will now expe­ri­ence increased per­for­mance of NSE Tracker.
  • Enhanced Secu­rity: NSE Tracker stores data for each user sep­a­rately. Now selected scrips by user or any set­tings will not be dis­played to any other user.
  • There are many other enhance­ments done from cod­ing per­spec­tive. Please feel free to explore NSE Tracker and please help me to solve any bugs you encounter.


id=“attachment_360” align=“aligncenter” width=“479” caption=“Download Data”

NOTE: since I have made lot of changes from cod­ing aspect, there may be new bugs intro­duced. Kindly use this as beta ver­sion. I have left up to users to decide and need their help to fix those bugs.  Kindly report me if you come across any bugs.

Sug­ges­tions and enhance­ments are always welcome!

This ver­sion of NSE Tracker will dis­play NSE Indices as well as users will be able to gen­er­ate EOD, Gen­er­ates ASCII Files and Meta­s­tock files. Users will be able to view Indices in Meta­s­tock just like any other equi­ties. Every­day NSE Tracker down­loads BHAVCOPY any time after 8pm. Now NSE Tracker will down­load BHAVCOPY as well down­load Indices data, gen­er­ates ASCII and Meta­s­tock Com­pat­i­ble files automatically.
Data and sym­bols have been updated till 26th Apr, 2016.

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